Rehearsal scedule
Rehearsal scedule of the Musical Sing Along on Saturday june 8th 2013
09.30 uur Opening of the theatre
10.30 uur Start of the rehearsal
12.30 uur Lunchbreak (Possibility to lunch in the theatre)
13.30 uur Follow-up of the rehearsal
15.30 uur Break
16.00 uur Follow-up of the rehearsal
16.45 uur End of the rehearsal
Break (Possibility to dine in the theatre)
19.00 uur Doors open for audience
19.30 uur Opening concert
20.15 uur Break
20.45 uur Follow-up of the concert
21.30 uur End of the concert


During the break, coffee, tea, soda and sandwiches are available.