Rehearse and peform these wonderful pieces within one day, now with the Argentine scores!

Argentine scores

If you have previously used the old scores.
We advise you to purchase the Argentine scores. You can also use the other score for the Misa Criolla. Please note, however, that during rehearsals you will have to make many notes to make the changes. For Navidad Nuestra however, the differences are too great. The old score can not be used for this scratch.
The scores can be ordered via the following link >>

Why do we use the Argentine scores?
The main reason lies with the score Navidad Nuestra. In Europe, a score was issued, which did not correspond to the original one and which the Argentine rhythms weren't even correct. Also the text is wrong. This wrong issue might have to do with the fact that the Argentine scores were hard to come by in Europe, as a result of which a European conductor made an arrangement ​​without knowledge of the Argentine musical idiom. At key CD recordings, the Argentine score is used (Jose Carreras, Mercedes Sosa, Javier Rodríguez).
Capriccio's and Lawson Gould's Misa Criolla are indeed consistent with the choral arrangement of 1964, but Ramírez has never performed it like this. Originally, he wanted to write a classical piece of music, inspired by Argentine folk rhythms. Already at the first performance and CD recording he chose a more popular approach, which he followed the more original rhythms in their authentic form and Argentine instruments used. In Argentina, a revised arrangement was issued that better matched the performance practice.
For the attentive listeners, on the CD Carreras Carreras uses European score in the Misa Criolla, the choir uses (with some modifications) the Argentine Carreras. On the CD's with Mercedes Sosa and Javier Rodríguez the Argentine arrangement is used by choir ánd soloist.
The Argentine scores have a clearer layout and include a Dutch translation of the text and pronunciation clues. They are used increasingly in the Netherlands.

The scratch

The swinging Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra, conducted by Martin van der Brugge will be performed in cooperation with tenor Javier Rodríguez in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam on Saturday 22th november 2014.
Do you know this legendary work or do you want to perform this work (again)? Please sign in quickly and get involved! The costs of participation are € 35,00. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you your ticket. Sign up here

The works

Misa Criolla
The most famous work of the Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez, was composed in 1964. Recently, Latin was not the only language allowed in the church and Ariel Ramírez seized this occasion and decided to write on of the most groundbreaking miss ever. In the Misa Criolla is not just vernacular but also folk music. It is a mix with Argentinean rhythms and instruments from the Andes, like the charango (small guitar), the quena (straight Indian flute) and the bombo (Argentine drum).

Navidad Nuestra
Navidad Nuestra consists of 6 parts with different Argentinean rhythms that make up the classic Christmas story, from the announcement of the birth to Maria by the angel Gabriel to the flight to Egypt. Lyricist Félix Luna (1925-2009) chose the scenes to situate in Argentina: Joseph and Maria raise on the Pampas to Bethlehem, the shepherds are from the village Aimogasta in the Argentine province La Rioja.

Printable registrationform
If you are unable to sign up and/or you can't use the telephone? Then you can download the registrationform, print it out and send it to Sing Along Events. The address to send the registrionform to is on the form. 

Practice materials 

Practice CD
Listen to the warm voice of Javier Rodriguez, while you're practicing. Also useful for pronunciation! Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra for just € 8,50.
Tip1For only € 25,50 you will have a combined advantage: the sheet music for both pieces and practice CD. This saves you € 3,50.

Listen examples

Misa Criolla: Kyrie the Soprano/ mezzosoprano practice-cd
Misa Criolla: Kyrie the alto practice-cd
Misa Criolla: Kyrie the tenor practice-cd
Misa Criolla: Kyrie the bass practice-cd