What we do even more

Besides Sing Along Events there are more companies that Martin van der Brugge founded. Together, all businesses have a clever connection to make things working together completely flawless.

5. Logo Klassieke Muziek Producties

Klassieke Muziek Producties - We can grace every event musically in a unique way!

Logo DirBem

Dirigentenbemiddeling - Completely free mediation between choir and conductor!

Logo Nieuw Talent

Nieuw Talent - Offers various career advice and coaching programs for graduate musicians, so that they can get started in the music and they can provide in their own maintenance.

Boeksolisten Nu - The largest website for professional classical soloists. On our site you will find a variety of singers in all parts of the country, besides, you can also search for guidance orchestras.

Logo TCO

The Classical Orchestra - The house orchestra impresario of Klassieke Muziek Producties; they play symphonic background music with a modern twist.